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Better Call Saul “Something Beautiful” Preview

Photo Credit: Nicole Wilder/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

Last week Gus Fring proved that he is just as proficient in plastic bags as he is in box cutters. One of the best things about Better Call Saul is being given the opportunity to see how these characters become their Breaking Bad counterparts, and last week we were reminded that Gus isn’t just an important figure in the drug cartel, but an opposing force. What does this mean for Nacho though? If you do the quick math then you know that Nacho isn’t a part of the Breaking Bad storyline which usually doesn’t spell out good things for a character involved in the drug trade, but maybe it doesn’t have to mean death. I mean, it probably means death, but let’s be optimistic. Think back to when Mike and Jesse were making pickups together, driving the desert and grabbing money, it seemed like this would have been a perfect time for Gus to rid himself of his Jesse problem. Yet Gus saw promise in Jesse, he saw him as a tool to use against Walter, and perhaps Nacho can fall into that same category. Nacho is currently stuck between both worlds. One where he’s a loyal Salamanca employee and the other where his attempted murder on Hector is being used against him. Gus doesn’t do anything by accident and I honestly believe that he thinks Nacho could be a useful tool, I think the outcome here falls on Nacho. Will he be able to balance this double life or should we just consider him on borrowed time at this point?

Elsewhere, Jimmy seems to be a man without an anchor now that Chuck is dead and it’s hard to peg where he’s at mentally. A part of me believes that he’s shifted all the blame on to Howard so he doesn’t have to confront his emotions but I’m also starting to think that the ignoring of his feelings is going to result in something terrible. We saw a bit of that last week during the super tense job interview where Jimmy pleads for the position and then immediately turns around to belittle his new bosses for not doing their research. We now find ourselves in a situation where Jimmy, knowing that these copy machine guys are idiots, is looking to exploit them for his own gain. They currently house a collectible worth over eight thousand dollars and Jimmy is starting to put into motion a plan, that would use Mike, to steal and sell said collectible. Without Chuck to anchor him, it’s easy to believe that Jimmy has nothing holding him back anymore, and that’s not a positive. The line between good and bad has always been blurred but with a detachment of emotions and a soul-crushing older brother out of the way who knows what will happen to Jimmy.

Kim is coming off an MVP performance last week where she put Howard in his place for his treatment of Jimmy. While that scene was a show highlight I think we need to start asking ourselves where does Kim go from here. Last season she ran herself into the ground working and her time off is well deserved and needed, but is it possible to believe that Kim might not be cut out to be a lawyer anymore? There isn’t a character on the show that needs time off the way that Kim Wexler does but there is a big client on the board and at some point, Kim is going to have to get back into action. Will she still be as sharp as she was or is it possible to believe that Kim might have lost the taste for being a lawyer?

There you have it Geeklings, there are a ton of moving parts so far this season of Better Call Saul and we’re only on episode three. It appears that we’re in for quite the ride. “Something Beautiful” airs tonight at nine pm and you can turn back to Fan Fest News tomorrow evening for my episode review. Be sure to find me on Twitter @iamgeek32 as I’ll be sprinkling in some thoughts as the episode airs. Until tomorrow, just remember, it’s all good man!


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