‘Fortnite:’ Go Where the Stone Heads are Looking

Epic Games

A new week brought new challenges in Fortnite. This week brings some new “search betweens” but this time we’re supposed to be searching in a more specific area-“where the Stone Heads are looking.”  This challenge is actually kind of hard, so we are here to help if you haven’t already used these artifacts to find the Battle Star.

If you look at the Fortnite map, there are six Easter Island Stone Heads, and they are all significantly separated from one another. Until now they’ve been chests, and also stand as historical emblems that traveled to the season through time.

The heads all do seem to be pointing in the same direction, which is something fans have already noticed. Check out the map, where you can see the heads all pointing to Salty Springs.

Epic Games
Epic Games

The focal point seems to be Salty Springs, but the battle star is really located a bit lower and to the west. In the game, you’ll end up on a grassy hill, on the very top. That’s where you’ll find the battle star to complete the timed trial challenge. Be cautious, right now it’s a pretty popular area to be.

There are a few weeks left in the game, so look out for more challenges that will be popping up in that time! Until then, good luck finding your Stone Head treasure

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