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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 9 Will Feature Shocking Moments Every Episode

Photo: Gene Page/AMC

A show that has been running for nine seasons is already a pretty incredible feat in the world of television, but for a show to be heading into its ninth season more rejuvenated and sentimental than ever is even rarer, and The Walking Dead has new showrunner Angela Kang to thank for that.

“We have to talk about Angela Kang if we talk about this season because she is the creative force this season. She’s been on the show since Season Two and I think she’s breathed new life into it and given us a collaborative feel on set and also just an energy. A real positive energy. It feels like the show that I always thought we would get to when I shot the pilot in Atlanta nine years ago” Andrew Lincoln told earlier this year.

On top of Kang helping bring the show back to its early roots that fans adored story-wise, The Walking Dead’ producer Gale Ann Herd also hinted that fans can expect to see those “shocker” moments on almost a weekly basis.

“There’s one in every episode that we’ve shot so far, honestly. I don’t think I could pick a favorite, but as [Andrew Lincoln] has said, everyone feels this is the best season we’ve had since our first season. And people remember fantastic moments from our entire first season, so I think they’ll be feeling the same love and enthusiasm and anger, but lots of passion this season.”

With news that Andrew Lincoln and Lauren Cohan would be leaving the show, fans began to worry that The Walking Dead would soon become a different show, so to hear from the cast and creators that the opposite is what’s happening is both relieving and exciting.

“I think there was a lot of the pilot episode that was reminiscent of this opening episode and also a couple of other episodes, too. We have a few surprises as we both know, but we’re not allowed to talk about,” Lincoln said.

So, what do you think? Are you getting excited about the new and improved season? Let us know!

The Walking Dead will return for season 9 on  Sunday, October 7th on AMC.