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Stephen Amell to Make Jensen Ackles’ Dream Come True

Photo: Heroes and Villains Fan Fest/Amanda Szentesy

Stephen Amell to Make Jensen Ackles’ Dream Come True

Fans of the CW shows Supernatural and Arrow are well aware of the ongoing prank war between the stars of the two series, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and Stephen Amell. From turning Amell’s parking spot into a public urinal to changing his name plate to “Stephen Smells,” the Supernatural stars know no bounds.  After “Stephen Smells,” Amell vowed his revenge against the two, saying he doesn’t know when it’ll happen, but sometime, maybe, it will. In April of 2018, Amell poked fun at the duo by sitting in their iconic Impala and claiming it smelled like “13 seasons worth of farts.” It’s all in good fun, though, as the three are really close friends.

Now, Amell has revealed via Twitter that Ackles and Padalecki delivered him a signed copy of the sixth season of Supernatural in 2012.

Not only did Ackles spell Amell’s name wrong, he writes that he will be expecting a signed copy of Season 6 of Arrow whenever that gets released. He also warned to stay off the Supernatural set (though Ackles and Padalecki don’t stay on their own). Amell writes that he can finally make Ackles’ dream come true as Arrow‘s sixth season is set for release in August.

In typical fashion of the trio, we can expect some sort of hijinks to ensue when Amell delivers the Blu-Ray to the duo, from what Amell writes to how Ackles and Padalecki respond. Keep an eye on Twitter and Facebook in the coming months to see how this will all play out.

Arrow Season 6 will be available for purchase August 14, while the show returns for its seventh season October 15. Supernatural kicks off its fourteenth season October 11.