How Much are Players Spending on Fortnite?

Epic Games

Having been out for more than a year Fortnite has been all the rage and against our best judgements it is safe to say that most of us have splurged on skins more than we care to let on. From the beginning of the game players had the ability to spice up their appearance but at the expense of a pretty big penny.

Generally $30 more than anyone would spend on big games, says Lendedu, a loan site. The average user of Fortnite is using $80 on cosmetic effects. Despite Fortnite’s statement that no advantages are gained in-game for buying items, a research conducted recently indicates that 20% of the players believe cosmetics effect gives them an upper hand in the game.

58% is spent on skins, and only 9.52% is spent on dances and emotes.

Finally, it’s good to note that only 68.8% of players even spend money on the game at all. The rest of the dedicated Fortnite players are sliding along skinless!

Check out the full diagram on Lendedu, explaining most of Fortnite players spending habits and the full interview question set!