WATCH: Danai Gurira’s Episode of ‘Breaking Big’

CR: Walker Stalker Con/Heather Millsap

Breaking Big, a docu-series on PBS, focuses on many stars of pop culture and how they became so successful. The most recent episode focused on none other than The Walking Dead and Black Panther star, Danai Gurira. One major topic of the episode was Gurira’s theater career. She co-wrote and starred in the play In the Continuum. Additionally, Gurira wrote Eclipsed, which made it to broadway and starred Lupita Nyong’o. She also discusses how much she cares about diversity, and women of color being treated equally.

Michonne has always been one of my favorite characters of The Walking Dead ever since she made her debut in the series, and I love Okoye from Black Panther, as I hope to see her take on an even larger role in the MCU as a whole. Furthermore, I have to say, after watching her tell us her story on Breaking Big, Danai Gurira is now one of my favorite celebrities in pop culture. She finds very strong connections with the characters that she plays.

“When I watched it, and read the graphic novel, and started to research Michonne,” says Gurira in Breaking Big, referring to her role in The Wallking Dead, “she felt like one of the women I’d reaearched during my time creating Eclipsed. It felt like what I researched when I was researching Liberia ’cause she felt like a woman of war, who, like some women in Liberian war, turned themselves into their own weapon, into their own army, and found a whole different type of strength in themselves as a result.”

This episode of Breaking Big on PBS can be found here.