‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Retailer-exclusive Blu-ray Pre-orders are Up

Photo: Lucasfilm/Disney

Among my favorite Star Wars collectibles are the movies themselves, in the form of Blu-ray of course! Ever since the original and prequel trilogies were released in the format in 2011, Star Wars Blu-rays have never been anything close to the average copy of a movie. Today, ComicBook.com reported the Blu-ray details of the most recent Star Wars movie, Solo.


Pictured above, is a Target exclusive edition. Like other Blu-ray editions that are exclusive to Target (The Last Jedi and Wonder Woman) this 4K Blu-ray includes a book (40 pages long) featuring large amounts of artwork and behind-the-scenes information. This edition goes for $32.99 and as always, there’s an extra disc with more bonus content.


Another edition of Solo exclusive to Target, is only available to those with a Target REDcard. According to ComicBook.com, it includes the standard Solo Blu-ray, and a kit that allows the fan to put together their own red metal model of the Millennium Falcon (pictured above). This edition of the standalone movie comes in 4K at $42.99, as well as the standard Blu-ray at $32.99.

Best Buy

Pictured above is the Best Buy-exclusive Solo steelbook. Currently, this edition is only listed in 4K at Best Buy, and ComicBook.com also reported that it has the same bonus disc as the first listed Target-exclusive edition. The steelbook goes for $34.99.

Release dates have not been announced yet, but pre-orders are available now!