‘Deadpool 2’ Becomes World’s No.3 R-Rated Title at Global Box Office

Photo Credit: Courtesy Twentieth Century Fox.

Fox’s Deadpool 2 crossed the $700 million worldwide mark this weekend, taking the global tally to $705M on the fan favorite. It has since become the number three R-rated movie of all time behind the first Deadpool and The Matrix Reloaded. As of Sunday, the sales were $304 million at the domestic box office and $400.9 million at the international box office. The top five markets to date are U.K. who, Korea, Australia, Germany, and Russia. Considering that Deadpool 2 was not sold in China, the sales are far more impressive than last year’s Logan and 2014’s X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Response to the sequel was quite positive. The movie opened on the same weekend as Solo: A Star Wars Story in early June, but Deadpool 2 had the highest number of viewership that weekend, trumping over Solo.
According to Box Office Mojo, Deadpool 2 trails behind the first Deadpool’s $783 million box office total and The Matrix Reloaded’s $742 global gross. Deadpool also had the second-biggest R-rated domestic debut of all time, making $125 million.

Ryan Reynolds put in a lot of effort while tireless promoting the film with his travels. These efforts paid off because there was clear anticipation for the sequel with the property now better known around the world and markets where Reynolds (and Josh Brolin) traveled saw benefits. The movie was No. 1 in each of its initial launches.