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Netflix Released a Bonus Episode for Queer Eye Season 2

QUEER EYE Photo Credit: Courtesy of Netflix

It’s been a week since that Queer Eye came out and right now, they gave us the best surprise ever!

Netflix released a bonus episode on the official YouTube account where the Fab 5 all travel down to Australia, in a little town called ‘Yass.’ After Netflix found a town called ‘Gay’ in Georgia, they now found the best follow-up anyone could have imagined. It makes the bonus episode even better in my eyes! It shows they went all the way to show who they are in a funny, and ridiculously obvious way. The bonus episode is 20 minutes short of a full episode, but it’s all we need (for now). Watch the bonus episode of the second season of Queer Eye below.

It was another episode that made me smile a lot and get slightly damp eyes. I love how Antoni screams that he sees a kangaroo, and everyone follows him in his excitement (to be fair, I would probably have the same reaction if I saw a kangaroo). Things keep getting better the more I saw of this episode. Bobby took it to the next level and gave a local Bistro a total makeover, while the rest of the gang helps a farmer George transform. George is so self-conscious about himself, but the Fab 5 shows him that it’s not necessary at all and we agree.

It’s the perfect end to the second season of Queer Eye. We can’t wait to see if the Fab 5 are returning with a third season on Netflix.

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