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‘Westworld’ Season Finale Preview ‘The Passenger’

Pictured: Evan Rachel Wood--Photo: John P. Johnson/HBO

Westworld Season Finale Preview ‘The Passenger’

Everyone is converging on the Valley Beyond. Dolores, now the only member of her group left standing, will continue her journey, and meet up with the Man in Black. They both want to reach the Valley, and perhaps now share the same goal. The Man in Black has lost everything because of the park. Maybe the death of his daughter has made him realize just how disconnected he really is from reality. Together with Dolores, they can destroy the park. Or he could be using her to get to the Valley and figure out a way to revive his lost wife and daughter.

Back at the Mesa, Maeve has escaped from her captors and is wreaking havoc upon them. Hector, Armistace, and Hanyaro arrive to help, but she seems to have it all under control in the trailer. Whatever Ford said to her when she was in the comatose state really did the trick. I’m glad that she’s broken free because Maeve is my favorite character and it was sad to see her so broken down.

Last week, Bernard went through his coding to try and eradicate Ford, and it seemed to work. Now, as Bernard gets to the end, he realizes he needs Ford’s help and asks for him to come back. I don’t think he ever really got rid of Ford, and I believe the episode title is in reference to him. The question becomes, what is Ford’s ultimate plan? Is the new game set up for the Man in Black a way to bring Ford back to life? I’m assuming we’ll get answers, but will also be posed several more questions for Season 3.

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