The ‘Black Widow’ Movie Is Getting a Female Director

CR: Marvel - Disney

Things are moving very slowly for this movie, and we don’t even know if it’s real, as no one announced that the production of this movie is going forward (well, maybe Chris Evans did once, but this is not the confirmation we need). Back in January, we got an announcement that the movie landed a writer and it would be Jac Schaeffer that was in charge as the writer for the standalone film, which made us super excited as we have been waiting for a very long time on this movie.

It seems things are moving in a direction as they already have a list of possible directors for this movie. At the beginning of May, Justin Kroll, a writer at Variety mentioned on his Twitter that the movie had 65 female, possible directors for this film alone. It all sounds great, because they’re making an effort to find a female director, and according to Deadline they have shortened the list.

One of the names in the list is Australian director Cate Shortland, known for her work of 2017’s Berlin Syndrome. Other female directors like Amma Asante from the United Kingdom and Maggie Betts made it onto Kevin Feige’s shortlist. All of these directors sat down with Scarlet Johansson and Kevin Feige.

We’ve known Black Widow through the 10 years of Marvel movies, but she always had a secondary role in the previous films. The character that we got to know through the movies had so much more to give. We need this movie, just as much as we need to know what happened in Budapest. Or, we would LOVE to have a movie with Black Widow and the Winter Soldier.

What do you think of the potential female directors? Are you excited for this movie to move forward?