Netflix’s Latest Film ‘Like Father’ Looks To Be Another Winner

Kristen Bell stars in a "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" type premise alongside Kelsey Grammer and Seth Rogen!


Netflix has been on top of their original movie game as of late. Their latest romantic comedy Set It Up  starring Glenn Powell, Zoey Deutch, Lucy Liu and Taye Diggs premiered to both critical and viewer praise. It joined a slew of recent successful originals including Academy Award nominee Mudbound, Will Smith’s  Bright, which already has a sequel underway, Adam Devine’s When We First Met, Okja, The Kissing Booth, and Ibiza and with recent deals with Amy Poehler, The Duplass Brothers and the Obama’s, there’s sure to be more crowd-pleasing content on the horizon.

Netflix/Set It Up (2018)

Now, Netflix has released the first trailer for their latest original dramedy Like Father starring Kristen Bell, Seth Rogen, and Kelsey Grammer and it looks like it’s going to be another hit for the streaming giant. The film follows Bell, a young executive who gets left at the altar, as she decides to go on the Caribbean cruise planned for her honeymoon with her estranged father (Kelsey Grammer). Seth Rogen will play Bell’s love interest as another guest on the cruise.

Netflix shared the trailer along with the question: “What if your fiancé dumped you at the altar and then you took a romantic honeymoon cruise with your dad, whom you haven’t seen in years.”  The film was written, directed and produced by Lauren Miller Rogen and will premiere on Netflix this August!