‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘Make it Reign’

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Supergirl Recap ‘Make it Reign’

The three evil Kryptonians arrive on Earth and begin the final stages of their plan. Back on Argo, Kara and company enter Selena’s secret facility, discovering her true plan. For years, Selena has hid in the shadows, waiting for the day when her technology was perfected. She intends to turn Earth into a new Krypton. She needs Reign in order to do that. Unfortunately, the human part of Reign was too strong. That’s why Selena allowed Kara to take some of the rock from Argo. It split Sam and Reign apart. Now, Selena will have a fully-functioning Reign on her side. First, she’ll need to revive her using the blood of the other Worldkillers.

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Sam is dying. Lena and Eve are doing everything in their power to figure out why her cells are deteriorating, but nothing they try is working. The Kyrptonian cells within her are getting stronger and taking over, but Sam is no longer a Kryptonian. They realize that Sam and Reign have a symbiotic relationship. Before they can do anything else, the evil Kryptonians attack the DEO. Winn developed new technology that covers agents in a protective shield. They work, but the Kryptonians are incredibly powerful. Winn is trying to restore the warp portal to get Kara back to Earth when he is attacked by one of the Kryptonians. He is knocked out, but Kara uses the illusion of her mother to trick the Kryptonian into activating that portal. She, Mon-El, and Alura come through, the machine breaking as soon as they arrive. They move to intercept the Kryptonians and keep the blood safe, but Demos is caught in the crossfire and killed. Kara destroys the vials of blood and the Kryptonians flee.

At their fortress, Selena says that all is not lost. The blood of the Worldkillers flows in her veins, so she uses that to revive Reign. Now that she’s back, the terraforming of Earth begins. Team Supergirl has to act fast if they’re going to stop Selena’s plan. Sam might be the key to the whole thing. If she gets stronger, then Reign will get weaker. To do so, they send her into the Dark Valley to find a pool that will restore her cells. It’s going to be a hard fight to get to it, but Sam is determined to survive. Meanwhile, J’onn and M’yrnn are going to go to the Earth’s core and stop the terraforming. M’yrnn says he will merge with the Earth itself to stop the destruction. He will die, but it’s a sacrifice he’s willing to make in order to save the home of his son.

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I think next week’s season finale is going to get quite emotional. We already know that M’yrnn probably isn’t going to make it out of this alive. His and J’onn’s interactions the past couple of weeks as they deal with his memory loss have been incredibly sad. M’yrnn’s speech about home being with those you love was touching, and I know seeing J’onn a wreck is going to be a punch to the gut. I think more sacrifices will be made because Team Supergirl is facing a tall order. Sam is going to be in for quite the fight in the Dark Valley, and I think we’re going to get some heartbreak from her as she fights for Ruby. Kara will have to take on three Kryptonians and Reign, with help from Mon-El and Alura, no doubt. I think one of those two might die in the final battle.

The season finale of Supergirl is entitled ‘Battles Lost and Won.’