Stan Lee on Thanos and Avoiding Discount Vacations

Marvel Studios

For most of us, the fear of missing out comes from the idea that our friends and loved ones would go on awesome vacations, trips to festivals, and weekends away at conventions while we were stuck at home. For Stan Lee, the fear of missing out was recently realized when he WAS on vacation and Thanos, well…you know.

Once Stan realized what Thanos had done, he took to Twitter with a video, promising that Thanos will be stopped.

In fact, he said if he were Thanos he’d be making sure he was getting out of town. We don’t know about you, but Stan is the kind of guy we want on our side. Thanos would do well to take a discount vacation of his own.

Far far away from here.

We are loving that Stan is in charge of his own Twitter account and that he takes the time to share these videos with his fans. What has been your favorite post from Stan Lee so far?

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