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‘Westworld’ Preview ‘Kiksuya’

Pictured: Zahn McClarnon--Photo: Courtesy of HBO

Westworld Preview ‘Kiksuya’

It seems we’re going to get a shift of tone following last week’s explosive episode.

As Dolores and Delos race to the Valley Beyond, we might take a step even further back in time and learn about the advent of the Ghost Nation. The trailer introduces us to two new characters, played by Zahn McClarnon and Julia Jones. We watch as McClarnon’s character first learns of the existence of the men in white when they take Jones’ character away. This sparks a series of events in which he will undertake the quest to find the Maze. With his awakening, it looks like he is going to create the Ghost Nation as we know them today. Did Ford want them to be awakened so that they could protect the valley from invaders?

Everyone is headed in that direction, and it will be an interesting showdown once all parties have arrived. Dolores is hell-bent on destroying the core and freeing everyone. Bernard, who is now inhabited by the consciousness of Ford, is helping her achieve her goal, but to what end? Is he merely doing this to get in Delos’ way? Or is there some bigger end game? Then you have to think about the Man in Black and Maeve. Both were at death’s door the end of last episode, but I’m suspecting they will make it out alive. The Man in Black is on a quest of his own, and I think he’s being set up by Ford. Maeve has her  mission, but it might take her in direct conflict with Dolores.

There are three episodes left and I am really excited to see how it’s all going to play out.


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