Fan Fest Set Visit: ‘Camp Twilight’

A month ago, I was invited to the set of the upcoming horror film Camp Twilight.  The film, which stars horror icons like Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp), Camille Keaton (I Spit on your Grave 1978) and Dave Sheridan (The Devil’s Rejects), is a callback to the horror films of the 1980’s, but with a modern twist to it.

Credit:KGE Photography – Kevin G Eilenberg

Stepping onto the set (an actual park in Florida) I couldn’t help but feel I was actually at a legitimate camp. The Camp Twilight sign definitely helped, as did the bike trails, the bumbling rangers, and even a beautiful lake. Walking down a path, I couldn’t help but enjoy the breeze and admire what a quiet, peaceful place it was. A place where the only things you need to be worried about is maybe a rogue alligator by the lake or an empty bottle of sun screen. As I get closer to set, I’m greeted by the sounds of argument: “Maria has a point, the park is big and you should never have left her alone. That was really careless!” screams a female voice. “Whatever! Why don’t you go find her yourself you old ass bi***!” booms a Male voice. A couple seconds later, I hear mixed laughter as the set comes into view. Thankfully, the argument was staged and everyone was in good spirits following a tense take.

Credit:KGE Photography – Kevin G Eilenberg

It seems that some campers are missing, and no one knows where they went. Since it’s set in current age of technology this one should be easy to solve. Since it just happened, just get on a phone and get the phone company to track the missing person’s cell phone,right? Wrong.

I brought up that idea to cast members during an interview: “Tech-Free Weekend!” Felissa playfully yells, while raising the roof. Dave Sheridan, who plays Ranger Bob in the film elaborates: “Ms. Bloom (Felissa’s character) brings these students out to an extra credit weekend camp-type thing because they’re all in danger of failing. They take away their cell phones and devices to have a tech-free weekend, and that’s a way for us to take away that 2018 safety net of technology being readily available when you’re in danger.”

Credit:KGE Photography – Kevin G Eilenberg

Let’s not be mistaken, danger is exactly what these students are in store for.  After breaking for lunch (featuring some amazing local Italian food), I return to see a scene that would be confusing if any late night joggers would happen upon the set, but one wholly normal by horror movie standards: A foggy campsite by the water, fire burning. Through the fog runs a person in swim trunks, being chased close behind by a hooded figure with a machete. It doesn’t look like it’s gonna end well for this character. Off to my side, I see another cast member nonchalantly walk by, cuts all over their body and a gnarly knife wound in their stomach.  It’s for sure been a long night at Camp Twilight for these students, but the end result is looking to be one entertaining horror film. “This film has all the great horror elements: the camp, the teens, the gore…and yes, there is a twist,” Felissa says with a smile.

Credit:KGE Photography – Kevin G Eilenberg

Camp Twilight is currently in post-production and is due for release later in the year by Entertainment Factory. Stay tuned to Fan Fest News for more information about Camp Twilight in the coming months and don’t forget to look for spoiler-free footage I shot from the set soon!

Credit:CJ Creech


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