First ‘Halloween’ Trailer Releasing on Friday

It’s been almost a year since the announcement of the upcoming Halloween film. The film, a return to the original timeline that acts as a alternate timeline sequel to the original film, nearly broke the internet when it was announced Jamie Lee Curtis and John Carpenter would both be returning home to the franchise that helped launch their careers in the horror industry.


The film was shot in and around Charleston, SC in February/March and had its official trailer first screened for a select few a month ago at CinemaCon. Io9 called the trailer “extremely scary” and “absolutely terrifying”. It appears that our wait is nearly over, as Blumhouse Pictures head Jason Blum, revealed in a series of tweets this afternoon that the trailer is releasing this Friday!


Halloween stars Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, Nick Castle and Will Patton and centers around “Laurie Strode as she prepares for a final showdown with masked killer Michael Myers.” Halloween is set for release October 19,2018. Are you excited for the release of the trailer? Let us know!

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