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‘Supergirl’ Preview ‘Not Kansas’

The CW

Supergirl Preview ‘Not Kansas’

Things are not looking so good for National City.

Last week, Kara and Mon-El found themselves on Argo, which is the new planet formed by Kara’s parents following the destruction of Krypton. The entire time she was there, Kara felt what it was like to be herself. She didn’t have to hide, freely walking as both Kara and Supergirl. Kara and Mon-El got what they needed and went home, but you could tell Kara didn’t want to leave. I was thinking that the end of the season might find Kara heading back to Argo and living with her mother, but it’s going to happen a lot sooner.

This week, Kara will bid goodbye to National City and return to Argo. My guess is that they are going to temporarily put Reign out of commission. Thinking they’ve won is the only way Kara would leave. In the trailer, there’s no sign of Mon-El, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him there. He was welcomed by the people despite being a Daxamite.

The Dark Kryptonian was among the Argo council and I bet she has something to do with all of this. Her vote decided that they would help Earth, so of course she has some sort of ulterior motive. Perhaps the statue given to Kara and Mon-El will actually just make Reign stronger. On Argo, Kara is without her powers, so I’m thinking the Dark Kryptonian is going to try and kill her. Then, Reign will be able to continue her mission unopposed. Earth will finally be hers.

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