Exclusive: Pre-Order Your Own ‘Bud N Lou’ Shirt from Laura Gilbert and Rui Macarico!

Credit: Photography by Dan Le & HMUA by Dianne Murphy

If you thought the Harley Club dress was the only thing that Laura does with flair, you’re dead wrong. She proved that when she uploaded a new Vlog on her YouTube channel, announcing that there will be T-shirts coming our way!

In the Vlog, we hear the announcement of the T-shirts in the first minutes, followed by Laura’s and Rui’s adventures of the day on their photo shoot. Laura even shared an image on her Instagram, showing off the T-shirt and her amazing green mohawk.

She keeps inspiring me every time she posts a Vlog, and it’s pushing me always to try to go a step further and see what happens. Very talented people surround Laura, and Rui Macarico is no exception to that. Please check out Red Unit Ink for his phenomenal work!

The design will come in men and women’s T-shirts, kids T-shirts and also tank tops and will cost you 30 Australian dollars. They will be available for pre-order on June 1st on Laura her Etsy store, for only two weeks. After that, they will disappear forever. Don’t miss your chance of buying something marvelous!

Laura Gilbert Socials:

Also look how she made the Harley club dress!

Rui Macarico Socials:

Credits Image:
Photography by Dan Le
Laura Gilbert + Rui Macarico

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