Did You Catch This ‘Logan’ Shout-Out in ‘Deadpool 2’?

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Deadpool loves cracking jokes, it’s why we all love him, and while he can make a sarcastic quip about almost anything, there is one person in particular who gets the brunt of it – Wolverine. Deadpool 2 didn’t miss any opportunities to poke some fun at Hugh Jackman’s X-Men character, specifically his latest installment in the Wolverine franchise, Logan. 

20th Century Fox

While speaking with The Empire Film podcast, Ryan Reynolds, who plays Deadpool, revealed a little bit of trivia that even the biggest  Deadpool/Logan fan might have missed:

“When Deadpool dies in the third act of Deadpool 2, the music that’s playing is actually the Logan death music.”

The beginning of Deadpool 2 started with Wade Wilson whining about how Logan stole his R-rated superhero film thunder and then upped the ante by killing Wolverine. So, what was Deadpool going to do about it? Well, they killed their hero too. Of course, Cable was able to reverse time and bring Deadpool back, but Hugh Jackman has officially hung up his Wolverine hat so his death (for the foreseeable future) is permanent.

Did you catch this Logan easter egg?

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