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‘The Flash’ Season Finale Recap ‘We Are The Flash’

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The Flash Season Finale Recap ‘We Are The Flash’

In the season finale of The Flash, it’s a race against time to stop the Enlightenment from happening. Iris shows up with Marlize and together, they realize that the only way to stop DeVoe is to go inside his mind and find the good part of him. With the help of Thinker’s chair and Cecile’s psychic abilities, Barry is transported into DeVoe’s mind. Unfortunately, Cecile has gone into labor, and when she gives birth, her abilities will disappear.

Inside DeVoe’s consciousness, Barry checks the locations that would have a significant meaning to him, including his home and the spot where he fell in love with Marlize. Clifford isn’t at either of them. While searching the picnic site, Barry does come across a familiar face: Ralph. Since DeVoe is technically inside Ralph’s body, his consciousness still exists. DeVoe shows up as Barry and Ralph reunite, telling them that it’s no use. He calculate all of this and they can’t stop him. Barry grabs Ralph and runs to the last place they think DeVoe might be. They arrive at his lecture hall and find Clifford dead, which means there is no good part of DeVoe left. The two head for the exit and that’s when Barry realizes that there is good in DeVoe, and it’s Ralph. If he can get Ralph through the portal, he can take back control of his body. DeVoe isn’t going to let them go that easily and summons an army of clones to fight them. Barry and Ralph focus on things they love in order to block DeVoe’s telepathy as they head for the portal. They barely make it out.

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DeVoe has come for Team Flash, but is stopped by Barry’s return to the real world. Then, he ceases to exist as Ralph fights back against the villain. Ralph returns and DeVoe is gone. Marlize re-configures the satellites and stops the Enlightenment. DeVoe, however, put a back-up in place. His consciousness returns due to a program in the chair. Marlize stops his next course of action by ripping out the core of her invention. Doing so puts DeVoe to rest for good, but causes one of the satellites to decay and fall out of orbit. Now, it’s up to Barry, Ralph, and Cisco to save Central from the falling debris. They are successful, but a large piece threatens to destroy everything. The only way to stop it is for Barry to break it into smaller pieces. He summons enough speed for a Sonic Punch, but when he’s about to make contact, time reverses. The scene plays over again and Barry is joined by another speedster as he breaks through the debris. Central City is saved and the fight is over.

Marlize presents Team Flash with the means to restore Harry’s mind. It works, but not quite how they expected. He is himself again, but his intelligence is all but gone. Harry tells the others that it’s okay. He finally has a balance between his mind and his heart and is perfectly happy with the outcome. Then, Harry announces his departure. It’s time to go back to Earth-2 and be with Jesse. Later, Team Flash is celebrating the birth of Joe and Cecile’s daughter when they are interrupted by the arrival of the mysterious woman, and she happens to be wearing Iris’ speedster jacket. She announces that she is Barry and Iris’ daughter, Nora, and is from the future. Nora then says that she has made a terrible mistake.

The Flash/The CW

The final scene of the episode has nicely set things up for Season 5. The mystery woman’s identity has finally been revealed (though we figured long ago that she was Barry and Iris’ daughter). There was some subtext in that scene that I didn’t realize was there until I looked at it closely. This season started with Barry rambling nonsense after he came out of the Speed Force. One such phrase was “This house is bitchin’,” which Nora says when she arrives at the West house. Barry also at one point said “Nora shouldn’t be here,” which is reflected in her saying she might have made a mistake. Couple that with the fact that she was drawing weird symbols in her notebook a couple episodes back. This season has just been leading us into this new story line, and it was nice to see everything come together. Overall, I think this was a fine season finale, but I am definitely more excited for where the next one will take us.

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