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Legion “Chapter 16” Review- Body Hunting

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For the majority of season two, David has kind of been in between a rock and a hard place. Finally rid of the Shadow King you would think that he would be able to attempt to live a normal life and attack some of his other issues, but nope. In classic Legion fashion, David is kidnapped by a floating sphere that came from the future delivering a message from a future version of his girlfriend. Help Farouk find his body and save the world. Insert an epic dance battle, a tentative agreement that lacks killing, and it would appear that David would be helping his arch enemy in order to make the future version of his girlfriend happy. Yet, this is Legion and nothing, nothing, is that easy. Believing that this peace could actually work to the benefit of all involved was foolish. We had to know at some point that the Shadow King would test David’s limits of acceptance and the stealing of his sister’s body to give to Lenny was the final straw. Future girlfriend be damned, but that was crossing a line, and with that line crossing David made a decision for himself. No influence of Future Syd. No influence of Division III. David decided that he was going to take action, and he did without technically informing anyone.

Suzanne Tenner/FX

David was going to the desert to kill a monster, but not without a plan though. After getting information from a Vermillion who was hacked by Ptomonly, who you will recall is now living in the mainframe, David finally had the information he needed in order to find Farouk’s body. You see the Monk from a bunch of episodes ago, the one that threw himself off the roof of Division III, well, he’s living in the same mainframe as Ptomonly. It would appear that Division III is taking dead characters or nearly dead characters, plugging them into trees, and using them for… I’m not sure, but they’re definitely being used for something. Ptomonly somehow recognizes what’s going on, don’t ask me how, finds the monk, gets the body location, hacks a Vermillion, and then tells David everything he needs to know. Easy peasy, right?

David proceeds to lurk around Division III planting bits and pieces of his large plan in the heads of Clark, Lenny, and Cary without telling them. I would imagine this is so the Shadow King wouldn’t be able to figure everything out, but on paper, the plan looked good. Lenny was going to have a sniper rifle and Clark and the rest of the gang of Vermillion’s were going to helicopter into the desert and back David up. I thought this was a clever method that of course was foiled. Lenny was able to escape Division III, because of course she was that place is the worst, but Clark was cut short before he could take action. It appears that Melanie, who has had very little to do this season other than smoke drugs through a ceramic elephant, has been taken over by Oliver and Farouk and is now working for them leading her to knock Clark out before he could get his band of mustached women robots together.

The only one to make it out to the desert, besides David, was Syd who was able to piece things together. In the episodes funniest moment, Syd casually parachutes into the desert, smacks the crap out of David, while calling him names, and telling him she’s on his side. This was proceeded by a conversation she had with Clark where Syd reiterates that they’re trying to save love but not sure if she’s with the same David anymore. It’s a sincere moment of a character who wants to be loyal to her man but isn’t entirely sure who her man is anymore. A flustered David apologies and the two of them go in search of Farouk’s body. Only problem is, they really don’t know where it is. They have an idea but the desert is a pretty massive place.

Suzanne Tenner/FX

Farouk and Oliver are hot on the trail, in a ricksha no less, heading to the exact location of the body. It certainly seems that the two have a clearer picture of where it is. David and Syd eventually find a tent to hole up in during a massive desert storm and there they find two skeletons that appear to be… David and Syd! Thus re-introducing the multiple timeline theories that were presented in the stellar “Chapter 14”. I for one feel this is a misdirect though and not David and Syd but maybe Melanie and Oliver. I know that the female skeleton was wearing Syd’s necklace but maybe Melanie was wearing it in order to track them down? I don’t know, just a theory right now.

Heading into these last three episodes the race to Farouk’s body is nearing its end and it looks like the Shadow King is going to win. I’m starting to wonder if his body is that minotaur that we keep seeing pop up throughout the season. That would be all types of terrifying. Or maybe that’s what’s guarding the body? Things to think about.

Speaking of thinking, what did you guys think of last night’s Legion? Are you happy to see the story moving forward now? Do you trust David’s plan if he even has one? What are your thoughts on Syd so far this season? What does Melanie’s betrayal mean for the rest of the group? Sound off in the comments below. If you’d like to talk more Legion with me than you can find me on Twitter @iamgeek32. In the meantime, I’ll be back next week. Careful navigating the maze my friends. Question everything!


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Suzanne Tenner/FX
Suzanne Tenner/FX



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