It’s ‘The Walking Dead’s’ Steven Ogg Versus the Sun in Trailer for ‘Solis’

Steven Ogg as Simon (Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC)

Steven Ogg’s newest project has come to light-the biggest light we know, actually.

Strathie Films

The actor who most recently played Negan’s maniacal right-hand-man, is now a character facing a new enemy that is a billion times scarier. He seems to meet the challenge in the tense trailer that will have you sweating! In it, he’s an astronaut who ends up alone in space, rocketing directly towards the sun with seemingly no way out.

The official synopsis is as follows:

Astronaut Troy Holloway (Steven Ogg, from The Walking Dead) wakes after a space accident to find himself trapped in an escape pod drifting towards the sun, with his oxygen running out and a burn-up rate of 90 minutes. The only possibility of help lies with Commander Roberts (Alice Lowe), speaking to him through a weak radio transmission, who says she will lead a rescue party. As things get worse, Troy wonders if he wants to be saved, and the pair start to influence each other in unexpected ways.

The Edinburgh International Film Festival first posted the trailer on YouTube Wednesday.

It looks intense, and will really make you think about the terrifying reality that is our sunny neighbor. Put your sunglasses on, and take a peek!

It’s not clear when we will be able to lay our eyes on the film, but the official website says “Coming Soon” on the front page.

Solis is produced by Strathie Films.

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