Happy Birthday, Melissa McBride and 10 Savage Carol Moments!

Gene Page/AMC

Today is Melissa McBride’s birthday and what better what better way to celebrate and honor her than to look back on 10 of her most savage, bada** moments from AMC’s The Walking Dead.

1. Saves everyone by blowing up Terminus.


After admitting to having killed Karen and David when they became ill at the prison, Rick exiles Carol. She later returns, just in time to witness the Governor’s attack. She finds Tyreese, Lizzie, Mika and Judith. After having to kill Lizzie for killing Mika, her, Tyreese and Judith head towards Terminus. They discover that Rick and Co. are about to become dinner and the rest is Walking Dead history!


2. Carol killing Paula and the Saviors on the kill floor.


Saviors hold Carol and Maggie hostage at a slaughterhouse after Rick’s group wipe out the Saviors at the satellite post. Struggling with not wanting to kill people, Carol pleads with the lead Savior Paula to make a deal with Rick for their release. They manage to get free and kills them all. Another Savior team meet up at the slaughterhouse and Carol, pretending to be Paula, orders them to meet her at the kill floor. They arrive and enter the kill floor. Carol shuts the door behind them and sets the room ablaze.


3. Carol disguises herself as one of the Wolves to save Alexandria.


While the group is out trying to lure a walker horde away from Alexandria, The Wolves attack. They begin killing any member of ASZ that cross their path. Carol makes her way to the armory and loads up on guns. She kills one of The Wolves and disguises herself as one of them by putting on his clothes. This allows her to go about the community, killing them one by one.


4. “Look at the Flowers.”


After losing Sophia, Carol allows herself to get close to Lizzie and Mika. After the Governor’s attack at the prison, Carol finds them along with Tyreese and Judith. They eventually find refuge in a secluded house. Lizzie, who doesn’t see walkers as dangerous, kills her sister Mika and was about to kill Judith if Tyreese and Carol hadn’t stopped her. Realizing how dangerous she is, Carol decides that in order to keep Judith safe she needs to kill Lizzie.


5. Savior wipe-out on the highway.









Knowing that she would have to kill people if there was a fight with the Saviors, Carol decides to leave Alexandria. She is stopped on the highway by a group of Saviors who are scouting Alexandria. Carol denies being a part of the community but they don’t believe her. She warns them to let her go but they refuse. She kills half of them with a gun she secretly has sewn into the sleeve of her jacket. Obviously outnumbered, she kills all the Saviors except for one.


6. Don’t tell and you’ll get cookies…lots of cookies!


Carol sneaks into the armory after the group has to relinquish their guns. Sam catches her. In order to keep her secret, she bribes him with cookies but not before scaring the bejesus out of him by telling him what would happen to him if he ever told.


7. Couples therapy and anger management.


In Season 1, Carol’s abusive husband Ed is killed by walkers who attacked their camp at the quarry. The next day, the group is gathering bodies and putting down their people before they turn. Daryl is about to put a pickaxe into Ed’s head but is stopped by Carol who unleashes all her pent-up anger on him.


8. Carol admits to killing Karen and David.


After a mysterious illness breaks out at the prison, Carol decides to take matters into her own hands to avoid it from spreading. She keeps the information to herself but Rick, being the cop that he is, figures it out and asks her. Without any emotion, Carol confesses. This will later lead to Rick banishing Carol for a short while. She would eventually come to their rescue at Terminus, Rick forgives her and would be right in the apocalypse again…at least until the next episode.


9. Joining the Kingdom in the fight against the Saviors.


Although the Saviors end up getting the upper hand, Carol plays a major role in the attack against Negan when all the communities join forces against the Saviors. Out of the Kingdom group that fought, only Carol, King Ezekiel and Jerry survive.


10. Carol vs. Morgan.



From the moment they met, Carol and Morgan were at odds on the whole to kill or not to kill debate. After the Wolves attack ASZ, Carol finds out that Morgan is trying to save the lone wolf (Owen) that is remaining. Eventually, they fight and Morgan slams Carol to the ground knocking her out. Owen attacks Morgan, knocking him out. He escapes with Denise but is later shot by Carol.


Let’s just agree that we all love Carol! Join us here at Fan Fest News in wishing Melissa McBride the happiest of birthdays!

Happy Birthday, Melissa!