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‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘The Fanatical’

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Supergirl Recap ‘The Fanatical’

Remember the Church of Supergirl led by Thomas Coville? Even though their leader was imprisoned, the acolytes continued their work, this time focusing on Reign instead of Supergirl. One of their members, Tanya, escapes, taking with her Coville’s journal. She brings it to James and tells him and Kara that the acolytes are making a bomb. Before they can figure out their next move, the acolytes come for her. James, as Guardian, does everything he can to protect Tanya, but gets his helmet shot off. The police move in to break up the fight, focusing their aim on James instead of the acolytes, who escape. James uses a smoke bomb to get him and Tanya out of there before the police open fire.

Supergirl/The CW

With James’ secret identity on the line, Team Supergirl have to think fast. The acolytes plan to use footage of Guardian’s identity as leverage to get Tanya back. James eventually comes to the conclusion that he has to out himself. He is worried about doing so because he is a black man, but knows that it is what has to be done (The exchange between him and Lena when he talks about what it was like growing up was such a powerful moment). Tanya tells James that she is proud of everything he’s done as Guardian and is inspired now that she knows there’s someone like her beneath the mask. She then says she can’t let James take the fall. Tanya will give herself up to the acolytes, but Team Supergirl has a plan. Mon-El, disguised as Mike, hops into the van with the acolytes when they take Tanya. Unfortunately, the acolytes are able to hide their location from Supergirl and Mon-El’s comm goes offline.

It turns out that they are not building a bomb, they are trying to make a new Worldkiller so they can finish what Reign started. Mon-El interferes and manages to broadcast his location to the DEO. Olivia, who was the first to take a stand against Coville earlier in the season, wholeheartedly believes in their mission. She calls to the mother using a stone and her body is taken over by a Worldkiller. She and Kara fight, and when Kara goes to take the stone from her, it causes her powers to go haywire. Kara talks to Olivia, telling her that she is a good person and can stop this whole thing. The stone, however, has seared itself into Olivia’s palm and can’t be pulled off. In the end, Kara uses her laser vision to cut it off of Olivia. The crisis is averted, but the final scene of the episode finds Coville arriving at the scene of the crime and seeing what his followers have done. My guess is that he’s going to either try to create another Worldkiller again, or he’s going to come for Reign.

This week dealt with the idea of a secret identity as both James and Kara struggled with revealing their alter-egos to others. After the fight with the acolytes, James tells Kara that for now, Guardian will remain masked, but at some point in the future, and when the time is right, he will reveal himself to the world. Kara wants to tell Lena the truth and mend their friendship, but she knows that doing so will destroy her friend. She instead tries to make amends as Supergirl, apologizing for using James against her. Supergirl wants there to be a trusting friendship between them again, but Lena says that there was never a friendship to begin with. And as far as them trusting each other again? Lena is doubtful that will ever happen. Kara decides that she can never reveal the truth to her. She keeps a secret to protect herself, but also to protect those around her. If everyone knew, they could use those she cares about against her. She may be right, but the longer she keeps it a secret, the worse the fallout will be once the truth does get out. It’s only a matter of time.

Supergirl/The CW

Team Supergirl is no closer to figuring out how to cure Sam, but they need a solution fast because Reign is adapting to the measures in place to prevent her escape. The stone the acolytes were using could have been used to harness Reign, but all of its power was used by Olivia. Luckily, Winn and Lena were able to harness the stone’s signature and have tracked the location of a similar one five light years away. Next episode will find Kara and Mon-El traveling to get the stone. We will also get a love confession from Mon-El, who has been trying to figure out the best time to tell Kara everything about him and Imra and how he feels.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘Dark Side of the Moon.’

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