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‘The Flash’ Recap ‘Think Fast’

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The Flash Recap ‘Think Fast’

DeVoe’s plan for enlightenment reaches its final stages as he breaks into an A.R.G.U.S. to get his hands on Borman. To do so, he becomes Diggle, then easily takes down all the soldiers in his path using the powers he’s stockpiled (this was probably my favorite sequence of the entire season). DeVoe forces Borman to go nuclear and all he has to do now is wait. This gives Team Flash 12 hours to figure out how to stop him.

Barry, Cisco, and Caitlin come up with the idea to use Flash Time in order to save hostages and supercharge Barry’s speed. He hasn’t yet been able to get into one of DeVoe’s pocket dimensions, but if he can harness the power from blast plates stationed around A.R.G.U.S., he may get the boost he needs to follow DeVoe. While he does this, Caitlin and Cisco will save the hostages DeVoe has suspended over the plates. They determine that when Barry enters Flash Time, he creates a bubble of Speed Force and that’s how he’s able to bring someone in with him. This means that Barry can pass his speed on to others and allow them to walk away from him. He, Cisco, and Caitlin practice, but each time, Cisco and Caitlin panic and the experiment fails. Barry pulls the plug on the operation. He doesn’t want to lose another friend. Cisco and Caitlin aren’t having any of it, though. They are just as responsible for what happened to Ralph as Barry. DeVoe can’t be stopped unless Barry has help. Finally, he relents.

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Meanwhile, Iris is trying to find Marlize with Harry’s help, but it’s difficult to get Harry to focus in as his mind is deteriorating even faster now. Though Harry seems to be rambling on, he is actually making a good point. They need to step into Marlize’s shoes and understand who she is. Then, they’ll be able to figure out where she’s hiding. They succeed and Iris asks Marlize for her help in stopping her husband. Marlize doesn’t think they stand a chance against him, but Iris believes that there’s a part of Marlize that has always stood against DeVoe. The optimist in Marlize knows that they can succeed. Iris asks her what she is willing to do for the world.

Barry, Cisco, and Caitlin arrive at A.R.G.U.S. and the plan goes off without a hitch. The hostages are saved and Barry is able to follow DeVoe through the pocket dimension. Barry destroys the satellites before they disappear in the sky and believes that he has won. DeVoe is unfazed. He asks Barry if he’s learned nothing in the past couple of months. DeVoe then says that he wants people to go back to a time before technology, so they can be curious again, but there’s even more to it than we knew. He wants to eradicate emotion, love. DeVo believes that to be the true folly of man. He disappears. Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, the team is trying to figure out what to do when the system announces that their satellites are being used. DeVoe is using their own technology against them. He locks himself in the time vault, takes over Gideon, and begins the enlightenment.

The Flash/The CW

Of course DeVoe had a back-up plan. I’m sure the other satellites were just a red herring to make Team Flash lax so he could take  S.T.A.R. Labs. The only thing that will be able to save the world from DeVoe is their emotion because it’s the one thing he hasn’t taken into account. Question is, how are they going to do that following the enlightenment and their minds are wiped. There was another interesting revelation this week as we got a look into Caitlin’s past. She’s been trying to find Killer Frost and during their Flash Time training, she loses focus and flashes back to an accident. Caitlin has Cisco vibe her there later to see the entire scene play out and it is revealed that Killer Frost was inside Caitlin even before the particle accelerator exploded. All of this centers around Caitlin’s father, who she said died from a disease. Did she maybe accidentally kill him as Killer Frost and then repress the memory? Perhaps we’ll learn more about that in next week’s episode and it will unlock her abilities again.

The Season 4 finale of The Flash is entitled ‘We are The Flash.’

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