‘Friday Night Lights’ Is Getting A New Movie


Clear eyes, full hearts, must reboot! The highly competitive world of high school football in Texas has already been the focus of a book, movie, and a TV show, but it’s time to get ready for one more quarter because a fresh take on Friday Night Lights is heading to the big screen once again.

Universal Pictures has dreamt of returning to Odessa, TX since the Friday Night Lights series wrapped up with ideas ranging from a sequel to Billy Bob Thorton’s 2004 film or a feature film based on Kyle Chandler’s Coach Taylor from the NBC series. Well, according to Variety they eventually decided to go with “a story with a completely different setting and cast of characters, while still focused on the world of high school in Texas and the impact it has the community.”

They’ve secured Stronger and Pineapple Express’ David Gordon Green to direct, Brian Grazer will produce, and Robert Schenkkan will write the script.

Do you think that Friday Night Lights needs another reboot? Let us know!

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