‘The Predator’ Hits Home in Official Trailer

20th Century FOX

20th Century FOX dropped the first full trailer for their upcoming film, The Predator on Thursday, and it shows the robot alien attempting to explore our own planet.

Rory McKenna (Jacob Tremblay), a boy with austism, ends up triggering his arrival by accident. When The Predator does arrive, he isn’t alone. Not only that, but the creatures are stronger than ever before because of genetic modifications made unto themselves. Things seem bleak for the residents of this suburban town.  We know well that The Predator doesn’t mess around, but the film stars a team willing to fight. It also stars Olivia Munn as a science teacher turned warrior.

This sequel/reboot to the original Predator films will be directed by Shane Black. Black actually played Rick Hawkins in the original film.


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