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‘The Flash’ Recap ‘Harry and the Harrisons’

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The Flash Recap ‘Harry and the Harrisons’

Now that Team Flash knows what DeVoe is planning, it’s time to figure out how to stop him. They need to destroy the satellites DeVoe intends to send into the atmosphere, but none of them are capable of doing so. That’s when Caitlin has a somewhat bad idea. She says that Amunet could be the missing piece of the puzzle. Her metal can cut through the satellites and she is immune to DeVoe’s power. Unknown to the rest of the team, Caitlin has an ulterior motive. She believes that Amunet might be able to bring Killer Frost back.

They track down Amunet, who eventually agrees to help. However, her metal has been stolen (along with the splicer Caitlin thinks will help her). The culprit is Norvock. After they track him down and retrieve Amunet’s supply, she turns against Team Flash. Caitlin gives one of her famous speeches and convinces Amunet to at least give them something to stop DeVoe. Amunet crafts a shrapnel bomb out of her metal and then leaves, wishing them the best. Caitlin also got a bit of information out of her former employer, who told her that the splicer had nothing to do with Caitlin gaining control over Killer Frost. It was a placebo. Caitlin realizes that she’s going to have to figure out a new way to releasing Killer Frost that doesn’t involve science.

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Harry and Cisco teamed up this week to try and solve Harry’s diminishing intelligence. They decide to ask the Council of Wells what they think, but Harry is cast out from the group as he is a “dum-dum.” Cisco then suggests they start a new council comprised of other outcast Harrison’s. And they are quite the bunch. Naturally, Harry is annoyed by all of them, who deal too much with feelings. It’s later that he realizes they might be right. Harry places himself in DeVoe’s shoes and thinks about why he hasn’t launched the satellites yet. He tells Team Flash at the end of the episode that he believes Marlize has abandoned DeVoe. Their next step is to track her down.

This episode found Barry and Iris at odds a bit. Iris has the idea to publish an article telling Central City who DeVoe really is and what he’s planning. Barry doesn’t think it’s such a good idea. In the end, Barry relents, saying Iris is right in needing to trust the people. The Flash has been a beacon of hope for them and disseminating information is exactly what DeVoe is trying to suppress. Iris publishes the article and the people respond in droves. They give locations where they’ve recently seen DeVoe. Now that the article is out, he can’t hide from them.

The Flash/The CW

There are two episodes left in the season so we can expect a showdown with DeVoe next week. The major player in stopping the mad genius is emotion and I’m curious to see how Team Flash will use that against him. Marlize will be a catalyst, but I think DeVoe might be too far gone. I don’t think she’s going to make it out of the penultimate episode, and DeVoe might just be the one to kill her as she does pose a threat.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘Think Fast.’

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