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‘The Flash’ Recap ‘Therefore She Is’

The CW

The Flash Recap ‘Therefore She Is’

The full extent of Thinker’s plan is revealed this week through a series of flashbacks to the early days of romance between DeVoe and Marlize. DeVoe wholeheartedly believes that technology is hindering humanity and they should be enlightened, brought back to the days before we were reliant upon it. Marlize does not agree and it causes problems between them once she finds a hidden journal filled with his plans for the enlightenment. While working in Kenya, Marlize is attacked by a group of radicals and starts to see DeVoe’s side of the argument. From there, they move forward with his plan together. They are busy stealing equipment from various labs in order to build a series of satellites.

On the Team Flash side, Caitlin, Harry, and Cisco are all dealing with their own problems. Caitlin wants to get Killer Frost back and will do just about anything to make it happen, including putting herself in danger. Harry is dealing with his memory deterioration and realizes that the more he uses his brain, the faster he’ll lose his intelligence. Cisco’s issue comes to the forefront as they need Gypsy’s help in order to locate DeVoe. The two are at odds with each other because Cisco hasn’t yet made a decision regarding Breacher’s open position. When the two finally talk it out, they realize that they both want the same thing. Neither wants Cisco to take job, but Cisco also doesn’t want to do the distance thing anymore. He wants Gypsy to permanently be in his life, but she can’t make that commitment. They end their relationship, but neither is too happy about it.

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The team figures out DeVoe’s next move and intercept him. A fight breaks out and Marlize is hurt. DeVoe then tries to kill Gypsy. Marlize interferes, saying that it wasn’t part of the plan. She turns her back on him and declares she will no longer stand by while he kills innocents. DeVoe freezes her in place, forcing her to watch. Before he can kill her though, he stops. He instructs Marlize to grab the tech they came after and the two leave. Back at their lair, Marlize announces that she is done with him. This was not what they had originally envisioned and the power has corrupted him. DeVoe tries to win her back, but she says that Clifford was the first of the Thinker’s victims. She takes his chair and leaves.

The mysterious woman who has appeared through the season once more popped in for an awkward encounter with Joe and Cecile at their baby shower. She tells them to appreciate what they have in the time they’ve been given. When Iris comes over to see who delivered the present, the woman hides. Then, she speeds away, her lightning trail a mixture of yellow and purple. I think that pretty much confirms that she is in fact Barry and Iris’ daughter.

The Flash/The CW

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘Harry and the Harrisons.’

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