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‘Riverdale’ Recap “Chapter 33: Shadow of a Doubt”

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Archie believes the Black Hood is still out there. Betty, however, thinks that the Black Hood is closer to home, maybe it’s her father. Betty goes to Cheryl for advice in this matter. She needs proof or a confession or both. The girls obtain copies of Hal’s planner to correlate his schedule with the Black Hood killings. They get a phone call from the morgue about a warm body: male, mid 20’s. Who does that sound like? It wasn’t Chic. Betty and Cheryl break into Hal’s secret lair and they find the Nacy Drew book that was Betty’s favorite growing up. I can’t tell if Hal’s lying or not. Betty tells him to meet her at the place where this all began, town hall.

Veronica informs Archie that her stunt with Nick St. Clair has earned her a spot in the “mafia” limelight. The other families are sending their princes to court her and in doing so, forming alliances. Veronica interviews the boys for possible business. She is intrigued by the prospect of opening a casino. Unfortunately, Hiram could care less and blows her off.

Archie gets the Dark Circle back together again. Just in time for the Serpent Fangs to get arrested. He was canoodling with Midge before she died and is the main suspect. The Dark Circle, minus Archie, decide to celebrate his arrest by raiding the South Side. It turns out that Hiram is paying them and that Archie is no longer the leader. Fangs gets released and the riot turns violent when Reggie shoots him.

Fred gets a note from the Black Hood saying that he’s next… He refuses to cancel the debate. The Black Hood opens fire during the debate. Hal is in the crowd. I can’t tell if he’s lying or not. Hiram brushes off the attack and tells Hermione that she’s fine and that she’s not going to back out. Because of this, Veronica is now fully on team Andrews.

I honestly thought this Bulldogs vs Serpents thing was over, I guess not. I do not like Reggie, something about him irks me. And when did Hiram dump Archie for Reggie? I swear it’s like one episode he’s good Hiram and the next, he’s suspicious Hiram. Also, why is Hal so suspicious and why is the Black Hood visiting Cheryl? I have so many questions and there are only a couple episodes left to answer them!