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‘Lost In Space’: Netflix Reacts to ‘Hot Robot’ Feedback

Image: Netflix

While some people elected to watch Netflix’s Lost in Space because of the thrills and excitement – or because, like me, they are fans of the original series there are others who watched it for a completely different reason. That reason being, the robot from the series.

I mean sure, robots are pretty cool. Have you met Optimus Prime? He is quite awesome. However, it is not the awesomeness of the robot that is reeling people in – it is the fact that people have been labeling the robot as ‘hot’. That’s right – folks are swooning over the robot, played by Brian Steele – and Netflix is absolutely loving it.

Check out this video that Netflix posted below, in regards to the robotic feedback which was captioned ‘Ya’ll Need Jesus!’:



Previously, the robot was know for his infamous line “Danger, Will Robinson!” Now, he will be known for something quite different!

Maybe he should consider a career in Personal Training? 🙂


Lost in Space can now be streamed on Netflix.


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Julia Valenti
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