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‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘Of Two Minds’

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Supergirl Recap ‘Of Two Minds’

The search is on to find Pestilence before her infection spreads across all of National City. Winn and Alex both come down with the disease and the cure that the Legion has concocted doesn’t work. It was originally made to combat Blight, which is a different virus strain. So in order to manufacture a cure, they need Pestilence’s DNA. Kara and Imra are at odds with each other over how to deal with Pestilence once they find her. Imra wants to kill her so that Blight doesn’t happen and the future can be saved. Naturally, Kara believes that they can talk to the human side of Pestilence and stop her. Unfortunately for both, neither happens.

While all of this is going on, Lena has been trying to isolate what causes the shift to Reign. She uses pain to force the transformation, and for the first time, Sam remembers what happens when Reign takes over. Sam is stuck in a dark place and can hear Reign talking to her. Reign asks Sam to allow her to take over. Of course, Sam refuses, and Reign replies that things will be ten times worse if Sam doesn’t give in. She will kill Ruby. When Sam wakes up and tells Lena what happened, Lena realizes that Reign is trapped in a sort of pocket dimension, and the two switch when Reign takes control. Sam begs Lena to ask for help from Supergirl and Alex, but Lena refuses. If she turns over Reign without knowing how to stop the transformation, Sam will probably be subjected to far worse. Lena wants to keep trying.

Supergirl/The CW

With Brainiac-5’s help, Team Supergirl tracks down Pestilence, who is a surgeon. She and Mon-El arrive right before Pestilence can infect the entire hospital board. Imra appears, but Mon-El holds her back, wanting Kara to get the chance to save the woman underneath the Worldkiller. However, Grace is too far gone. She became a surgeon to save people and having this new power allows her to decide who lives and dies. It has made her a god. A fight breaks out and even though it’s three against one, Pestilence won’t go down. She infects Kara. Imra manages to trap her within a spell and throws a dart thing at her that slowly starts to kill her. Before anything else can happen, Purity appears. Pestilence gets stronger in the presence of her sister and the two fly off. Thankfully, the dart has Pestilence’s DNA on it so they can use it to manufacture a cure.

With everyone saved, it’s time to figure out the Worldkillers’ next move. Brainiac-5 isolates Purtiy’s frequency and they realize that they are headed for L Corp. Kara, Mon-El, Imra, and J’onn arrive and learn the truth behind Reign. Kara is in shock to see her two friends, but she’s not given time to get a proper explanation as Purity and Pestilence arrive. They free Sam from her prison and she transforms into Reign. The three of them are finally together and much more powerful. Luckily for our heroes, they don’t stick around to finish the job and instead fly off.

Supergirl/The CW

We are seven episodes from the season finale and it’s really shaping up to be an intense fight. I can’t wait to see what happens now that all the Worldkillers are together. The team can’t manage against one and now there are three who make each other more powerful. As for next week, it will be interesting to see how Kara deals with the revelation that Lena was harboring such a massive secret. As I’ve said before, I really think this season is going to push Lena to the side of evil. Supergirl being mad at her (and maybe finding out it’s been Kara all along), and losing Sam to Reign because of her decision to keep the secret might push her to a really dark place.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘Trinity.’

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