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‘The Flash’ Recap ‘Fury Rogue’

Pictured (L-R): Danielle Panabaker as Caitlin Snow and Jesse L. Martin as Detective Joe West--Photo: Shane Harvey/The CW

The Flash Recap ‘Fury Rogue’

Team Flash is reeling following the loss of Ralph, none more so than Barry, who has decided to bury all his feelings way deep down. He tries to convince himself and everyone else that he’s okay so he can remain focused on stopping DeVoe. When pocket dimensions start opening and closing around the location of Neil Borman, aka Fallout, the team decides they need to move him to a new location. In order to do this, they’re going to need some help. Barry and Cisco travel to Earth-X where they save Leo from Black Siren-X. They convince him to help, but when they jump back to Earth Prime, Siren comes after them.

The Flash/The CW

The plan is set, and everything is running smoothly until DeVoe makes his move. He stops the truck from moving, and when Barry uses the tuning fork on him, it doesn’t work. DeVoe just uses Ralph’s powers to resist the blast. Before anything else can happen, Siren appears. DeVoe flees and Siren kidnaps Joe, Caitlin, and Fallout. Back at the lab, Barry is angry for losing them, but he again pushes all those feelings down. Leo offers some advice to Barry as he understands better than anyone losing a teammate. He says that during the war, he would mourn the loss of every single person that he lost. When Siren finally makes her move, which involves detonating Fallout at CCPD, Barry is once again frozen by his fear and memories of losing Ralph. Leo manages to break through, yelling that Ralph’s death wasn’t Barry’s fault. Barry defeats Sire while Leo and Caitlin use cold guns to cool down Fallout. Joe later finds Barry as he’s breaking down and finally coming to terms with Ralph’s death. With their mission complete, Leo returns to Earth-X, but not before Cisco gives him a device that will allow him to come back if he ever wanted to.

Some interesting things happened with DeVoe this week. He wanted Fallout moved to a specific location and manipulated Team Flash in order to do so. He is angry after the attack of Siren. Even though he predicted her and Leo’s involvement, something happened that he didn’t account for. Barry was supposed to defeat Siren the first time around, but he didn’t. Marlize says that DeVoe didn’t account for the power of human emotion. In the end, it didn’t matter and Fallout ends up exactly where DeVoe wanted him, but Marlize is starting to realize just how lost her husband is. I think that she is going to turn against him because his plans have consumed him and the man she loved is gone.

Last week, and in an attempt to stop DeVoe’s attack at S.T.A.R. Labs, Harry maxed out his thinking cap and was filled with dark matter. We learn the affects of this decision and it is causing Harry to lose his intelligence. He decides not to tell anyone. Cisco comes to Harry and suggests making a second thinking cap because two heads are better than one. Harry intentionally doesn’t create a working cap, but Cisco knows how to fix it. Before that can happen, Harry breaks the cap, then tells Cisco the truth. With him on board, I’m sure they can figure out a way to stop Harry from losing his mind.

It looks like DeVoe’s master plan is to bring enlightenment to all of humanity. We got glimpses of some sort of device as he and Marlize were talking in their lair. Fallout seems to be the key to making things work as they were determined to get him to a specific location. His new prison at Argus has him locked in a virtual world. Perhaps DeVoe means to use that as his tool for enlightenment? The question is why.

This episode marked the final appearance of Wentworth Miller as Leonard Snart and I think just about everyone is sad to see him go. He brought such energy to the Arrowverse, and I really hope that someday he’ll come back. His turn as Snart-X has been incredibly fun and provided a good source of comedy and wisdom. Goodbye, Leo. It’s been great having you.

The Flash/The CW

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘Therefore She Is.’

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