Deadpool Announces IMAX Experience With Hilarious Video

CR: 20th Century Fox / Marvel

The Deadpool 2 marketing campaign has officially kicked off, with Deadpool in charge of a Tequila brand, he now announced we could see him on IMAX.

“Because size matters.”

Our lovely anti-hero announced in true Deadpool style, with a video explaining how he looks on a ‘pathetic regular screen,’ waiting for us to hold onto our ballon knot before he claps in his hands, he was supposed to look twice his size. However, something must have gone wrong, and he seems twice as small.

It’s one of my favorite announcements so far, just because they show us once again how far they are willing to go to give us, the fans, the best experience ever. Their marketing campaigns are so much fun that it doesn’t even feel like a marketing campaign, and that’s a job well done!

Deadpool 2 will hit the theaters on May 18. Are you ready?

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