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‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘In Search of Lost Time’

Picture: Chris Wood as Mike/Mon-El--Photo: Michael Courtney/The CW

Supergirl Recap ‘In Search of Lost Time’

Mon-El and the Legion are now on board to help Kara with the Worldkillers, but first, Mon-El is going to show Kara a few tricks from the future. They analyze the footage of the Reign beat-down and realize that she is all about upper body strength and doesn’t utilize her full body. With that in mind, Mon-El starts teaching Kara how to properly use her cape. Luckily for Mon-El, Winn has managed to fix his Legionnaire suit so he can really show Kara how it’s done. Kara isn’t quite getting the hang of it and it’s making her incredibly frustrated. She starts lashing out at Mon-El, but it turns out her anger isn’t entirely her own.

Supergirl/The CW

Last week we learned that M’yrnn is suffering from memory loss, and despite him appearing to be okay with the changes, he is angry. He starts losing control over his psychic abilities, which resonates throughout the city. It affects Kara, and causes her to physically and verbally hurt Mon-El. J’onn doesn’t know what to do as his father rapidly digresses, but Alex is there to offer soothing words. She understands what it’s like because she watched her grandmother go through this. It’s time for J’onn to take over the role of father. This involves placing a power-suppression cuff on M’yrnn. Once it’s done, M’yrnn sees all the harm he has caused and apologizes. While under the affects, Kara lashes out at Mon-El, saying that she did everything for him and yet he treated her like dirt. He was disrespectful to her, but she let her feelings overcome all of the hurt he has caused her. After the psychic attack is over, Kara and Mon-El come to an agreement that their relationship was far from perfect, but it’s time to move forward.

Meanwhile, Lena has been running experiments on Sam and successfully pieced together that her friend is in fact Reign. Naturally, Sam doesn’t believe a word she says. Sam is confident that if she was out there hurting people, she would remember. She demands to be released  and says some very hurtful things to Lena. With no other options, Lena goads Sam into using her powers, calling her a monster and saying she should never be allowed to see Ruby again. Reign takes over, destroying the cell that she is imprisoned in. When Sam wakes up, Lena runs video of her losing control, proving once and for all that she is Reign.

Supergirl/The CW

I was very surprised that Lena was able to piece together that Sam was Reign so quickly (and she can’t even figure out her best friend is Supergirl). What I liked about this episode is we got to see how scary Lena can actually be. There was such malice in her voice when she was trying to get Sam to shift into Reign. I’m thinking that this season might set Lena up as the big bad for Season Four, which Katie McGrath would be amazing at. There are so many lies swirling around that I can’t see Lena coming out of the season as pure as she came in.

This episode ended with Pestilence’s affects raining down on National City in the form of dead birds. So next week will for sure introduce the third Worldkiller. Hopefully Kara and Mon-El can get to Pestilence before Reign breaks free of her Luthor prison.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘Of Two Minds.’