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It’s Time For a Joe Keery & Steve Harrington Appreciation Post

Joe Keery as Steve Harrington/Netflix

It would be hard to find a Stranger Things fan who doesn’t wholeheartedly agree that Steve Harrington had one of the best redemption arcs on TV in the past couple of years. He went from a total tool in season 1 to a totally lovable babysitter and an all-around nice guy in season 2. Well, Steve is played by the equally charming and hair-tastic Joe Keery who just so happens to be celebrating his birthday today!

So, because Joe Keery (and Steve) are a gift to the world we’ve gathered up a combination of our favorite Joe/Steve moments for your entertainment. Enjoy!

1. When Joe realized that he was Jean-Ralphio Saperstein/Ben Schwartz’s long-lost doppelganger:


Check out the whole video here.

2. And similarly, when David Harbour made this correlation:

3. When Joe, Natalia, and Charlie had a bit of fun in the InStyle Golden Globes Elevator:

via GIPHY/InStyle

4. When Finn Wolfhard gave us this oh so beautiful behind the scenes gem:

Instagram/Finn Wolfhard

5. When Steve invented the world’s best Demogorgon-fighting weapon:

via GIPHY/Netflix

6. And was all of us at an awkward dinner party:

via GIPHY/Netflix

7. When he became super cool with Dustin in season 2:

via GIPHY/Netflix

8. And by the end of the season the two of them were an unstoppable and adorable duo:

via GIPHY/Netflix

9. When he basically became the babysitter/mom to all the Stranger Things kids:

via GIPHY/Netflix

10. And became fully invested in the new role:


11. Complete with stern dishtowel talk:


12. But even though Hawkins is always is grave danger, he’s still always up for a good time:


Happy Birthday to Joe Keery!

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