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Ash Vs Evil Dead “Judgement Day” review

Welcome to our first and unfortunately second to last review of Ash Vs Evil Dead. With the news breaking this week of its cancellation, it’s kinda fitting that this weeks episode is titled Judgement Day. Like the biblical event itself, not only does this episode signal the ultimate beginning of the end for this season long storyline, but now we know the show is heading for its final stop next week. While it does suck to know it’s ending for good, let’s try to look at the positive: after all these years we were given 3 seasons of some of the best horror comedy television in recent memory. Bonus points that it featured Ash and furthered the mythology of the Evil Dead universe. So let’s try not to cry (but wind up crying harder) as we review the second to last episode ever of Ash Vs. Evil Dead.


This season has introduced a whole new kind of crazy for Ash and friends: Ash’s daughter, Pablo’s evolution into el Brujo especial,Kelly’s death(and possession by Kaya) and Ruby’s craziest plot yet. All these storylines converge in the penultimate episode as things happen at a breakneck speed that makes you wonder just how the writers were able to cram all this in one episode. In the first half of the show(keep in mind that’s only ten minutes screen time) we hit plot point after plot point: Zoe dies, Pablo figures out why Kelly couldn’t come through the rift(you know,Kaya possession and all) and Ruby fails(again) to do what she has been trying to do since the start the season as The Dark Ones have arrived through the rift and they waste no time causing death and destruction.  All that in the first ten minutes of the show and there is still 18 minutes left in this episode!


The rest of this episode sees Ash and companies luck go from bad to worse. The Dark Ones(who seemingly are some distant cousins of Harry Potter‘s dementors) capture and destroy both Kaya and Ruby, and though briefly sidetracked manage to gain control of the Necronomicon by episodes end. Ash and company return to Elk’s Grove to find that everything has hit the fan. A Giant Hand comes out of the ground as Ash looks on and….credits roll!! No!  The wait until the final episode will definitely be an unbearably long 7 days, and I only hope it’s an extended episode due to my fear they won’t be able to fully wrap things up as a series in 30 minutes. But if any show can somehow pull it off, much like the character itself,don’t bet against Ash! See you guys next week and let me know what you thought of this weeks episode on Twitter @cjcnov88 !