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‘The Flash’ Recap ‘Null and Annoyed’

Image: The CW

The Flash Recap ‘Null and Annoyed’

The race is on to track down the two remaining bus metas before Thinker. This week leads Team Flash to Null, who has the ability to fill anything with helium. Barry and Ralph clash during the episode as Barry doesn’t think Ralph is taking it seriously. Their disagreements end badly for Barry as he is touched by Null. In the end, and with some help from Iris, Barry realizes that Ralph has a very different way of doing things and sometimes the plan needs to have room for improvisation. Barry allows Ralph to diffuse the situation his way and they manage to capture Null.

Image: The CW

Breacher is back this week and demands Cisco’s help in figuring out why his powers aren’t working anymore. He says that if Cisco can cure him, he’ll allow his daughter more time off to see him. Cisco and Caitlin diagnose the problem and it’s not because some vampire took Breacher’s ability, it’s because he’s getting old. Naturally, Cisco doesn’t want to tell him the truth,  but when he finally does, Breacher doesn’t take it well. Later, Breacher comes back saying he’s officially retired from being an enforcer and asks Cisco to fill his position over on Earth-19. If he does, then he’ll get to be with Gypsy and they would be an unstoppable team. We didn’t get an answer this week, but I’m interested to see how Cisco is going to respond. He loves Gypsy, but Team Flash is his family.

The most interesting part of the episode came from the villain side of the story. Thinker’s new host is breaking down and Marlize says that she can figure out a way to fix the chair and slow the process. When she looks at the plans, she realizes that some work has already been done, and Thinker takes responsibility for that. As Marlize gets to work, she accidentally knocks over her drink and discovers that she is being drugged. The tears of bus meta #4 are a powerful narcotic that can even lead someone to love. Knowing the truth, Marlize creates a message to herself not to trust Thinker, but as she goes to save the file, there’s already one there. Thinker appears and tells her that this isn’t the first time she’s discovered the truth. Each time Marlize works it out, Thinker uses a combination of the drug and Dominic’s abilities to wipe Marlize’s mind. Thinker wipes her memory and now they have to change their daily course of action because there is only one bus meta left.

Image: The CW

This episode was okay with the exception of the Thinker/Marlize scenes as well as the final moments of the episode when Harry enters the time vault and activates Gideon. He is getting incredibly frustrated that he can’t out think their opponents and is going to get desperate. I’m worried that he’s heading down a dangerous path.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘Lose Yourself.’

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