‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Recap ‘The Good, the Bad and the Cuddly’

Image: The CW

Legends of Tomorrow Recap ‘The Good, the Bad and the Cuddly’

Image: The CW

Last week, Mallus escaped his prison when the Legends made the decision to save Zambesi. Unfortunately, they aren’t yet strong enough as Totem bearers to defeat the demon. Sara orders the retreat while Rip keeps Mallus at bay. Rip takes the time drive from the Waverider, making it unstable, and stands alone against Mallus. The time drive explodes, killing Rip, and pushing the demon back. The Legends use the time drive from the jump ship to flee. They head to the old west, which acts as a sort of temporal dampener. Jonah Hex isn’t too thrilled to see them because the Legends always bring trouble. And this time is no different. No sooner have they landed than an army of Romans, vikings, and pirates show up. They offer the Legends an ultimatum: Hand over the Totems and Mallus will let them live.

Amaya believes the Legends are strong enough to wield the Totems even though Sara doesn’t. She uses the special drug in order to spirit walk with her ancestors to see how they were able to imprison Mallus before. The Totem bearers have to work in tandem in order to create the force necessary to defeat the demon. When the Legends try it out the first time, it doesn’t go so well, and once again, Sara is against them bearing the Totems. Meanwhile, Ray has a plan of his own. He and Damien travel back to the moment that Mallus broke free so they can save Nora. They succeeded in saving Nora, but Mallus finds a new host in Damien and is reborn. Ray and Nora retreat.

Image: The CW

Time is almost up for the Legends and they still don’t have a plan. Luckily, Zari sent out a distress call and some friends arrive to offer their support. Ava, Kuasa, Helen of Troy, and Jax will do everything they can to help the Legends defeat Mallus. When the demon’s army arrives the next day, they are no match for our heroes. They are defeated and the Legends stand victorious, but it can’t ever be easy. Mallus revives all of his minions and the fight starts over again. Amaya tells Sara that their only hope is to come together as Totem bearers. The others buy time while Sara, Amaya, Zari, Mick, Nate, and Wally try to unite once more. They are successful, but in true Legends fashion, their union brings about the most ridiculous scene in all of television. The six assume the form of a giant Beebo and put the hurt on Mallus. After a body slam of love, Mallus is defeated.

The Bureau clean up the mess while the Legends say goodbye to their friends. Jax returns to his wife and child (for him, it’s been five years since he left the Legends), while Kuasa returns to Detroit with the Water Totem to help Mari. Nora will be imprisoned by the Bureau, but Ray gives her a parting gift: Damien’s time stone. He says that her father died to give her a second chance, so she shouldn’t have to live that out in a cell. However, there’s one more person they have to say farewell to as Amaya makes the decision to leave the team. She and Nate say their goodbyes and he’s about to wipe her memory when she stops him. Amaya doesn’t want to forget. With that, Nate leaves. The Legends celebrate their victory in Aruba, but are interrupted by Gary and Constantine, who drops a dragon head at Sara’s feet. Because they released Mallus, the doorway was open for more demons to escape. Constantine calls on the Legends for their help in cleaning it up.

Legends have had quite a casting shake-up this season, and it has happened once again with the deaths of Rip and Damien and the departure of Amaya. I am going to miss all of them, but am glad that they left the door open for Amaya to maybe pop back in in the future, much like Jax did. Constantine will be joining the Legends next season as will Ava. There’s been no word on if Zari will be sticking around, but I really hope she does. Her biting sarcasm has become one of my favorite things.

This was truly the most insane season finale Legends has had, and I can’t wait to see where the show goes in Season 4.