‘Black Lightning’ Recap ‘Black Jesus: The Book of Crucifixion’

Photo: Bob Mahoney/The CW

This week, I definetely grew a heck of a lot of respect and love for Detective Henderson. All I’ve got to say is – what a friend!

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‘Black Jesus: The Book of Crucifixion’ begins with Vice Principal Fowdy and an ASA scientist entering the new warehouse where they moved the metahuman kids. Elsewhere, Jefferson and Anissa suited up and discovered a different warehouse that contained hundreds of weapons that could disable Jefferson’s powers and ultimately – kill him. Jefferson and Anissa manage to destroy the facility, before escaping. Moments after it is destroyed, Martin Proctor calls Fowdy and tells her to take out Jefferson Pierce. She heads out and meets with two corrupt detectives and gives them a stash of green light and cash to plant evidence that Jefferson Pierce is a green light dealer.

The next morning, Jefferson welcomes his students to school. He then heads to his ‘AA’ meeting he hosts for troubled students, when cops arrive and start searching Jefferson’s car. As they do, one of the detectives throws the green light in Jefferson’s trunk and pretends to suddenly discover it. Jefferson is then arrested, for the police discovering green light in both his car and his office. As they make to march him out, a group of students come together and interlock arms saying they refuse to let the police take their principal. Jefferson assures them that its a misunderstanding, and that it will be okay.

After he arrives at the police station, Jefferson is searched and processed for arrest. Angered, Detective Henderson vows to get to the bottom of this. Anissa goes to talk to Gambi, saying that she is ready to go help her father suited up alone. Gambi disagrees, saying if she rescues him as Thunder that will only prove to the ASA that Jefferson is Black Lightning. Gambi then assures her he will come up with a plan. Back at the jail, Detective Henderson questions Jefferson but they are interrupted by one of the crooked detectives who says Jefferson is being transferred by an order from the National Security Director.

Image: The CW

Detective Henderson asks Jefferson to be honest with him about what is really going on. Jefferson refuses to reveal his real identity, saying he doesn’t know what is going on. After talking to Jefferson, Detective Henderson pulls one of the crooked detectives into his office. He reveals he found out his son recently paid off his debt and purchased a large house. He threatens to call the IRS unless the detective tells him the truth. Elsewhere, Anissa and Gambi enact on their plan. Anissa attaches a hologram projector to her suit, which makes it look like Black Lightning is running through down with her – drawing lots of attention and getting on the news. Fowdy sees the news report, making her believe Jefferson is truly not Black Lightning.

Henderson arrives and tells Jefferson that he is being released. While this happens one of the cops, who turns out to be Deputy Cheif Cayman grows furious. Henderson then turns and arrests him for being a dirty cop. Back at the Pierce safe house, Gambi visits. Jefferson states that even though he may not trust Gambi, he says he will find a balance so that the two can work together. On the news it is announced that Jefferson Pierce is released, and Henderson has been promoted to Deputy Chief.


Thoughts and Conclusions

I have to say I favor this episode over all other episodes this season. I really loved the different approach that they took in freeing Jefferson from his prison. Instead of doing the whole ‘suiting up and breaking my partner out of prison’ gig – they came up with something new and creative. Also, I have really grown to love Inspector Henderson. I have always been a fan of the good cop who will do anything to see justice done, and that certainly sums him up!


Black Lightning returns on Tuesday, April 10th at 9PM/EST on The CW.