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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Recap ‘I, Ava’

Image: The CW

Legends of Tomorrow Recap ‘I, Ava’

Image: The CW

After the events of last week, Sara wants to take some time to herself, but Gary arrives before she can depart. He informs her and Ray that Ava hasn’t reported to work the past couple of days and he’s worried. Sara tells him that they broke up, which Ray didn’t know, but agrees to help track her down. They head first to her parent’s home in Fresno and find out more than they bargained for. Ava’s parents are actually paid actors. Back at the Bureau, they run into Ava, who lies about where she’s been, saying she went home. Sara steals Ava’s time watch to track her location over the past couple of days. Gary tells them that one of the locations they come across has been banned by the Bureau. Sara wants to know why so they steal the mother ship and fly to Vancouver 2231. Once there, they learn that Ava is a clone.

Meanwhile, Sara left Amaya in charge of the Waverider. Nate calls her to the library where he says there’s a new anachronism involving her granddaughter, Mari. During a fire, Mari was seriously injured. Amaya realizes that time is cementing itself now that she’s been without her totem for a time. She wants to go to Mari, but Nate won’t let her. He and Wally will go to Chicago, where they run into Kuasa. Kuasa reveals that she is there to protect Mari. The three then agree to a crazy plan to get Amaya’s totem back. Wally goes back to the Waverider while Kuasa presents Nate to the Darhks. Kuasa asks for the totem in exchange and Nora agrees, saying she doesn’t need it anymore. Originally, Kuasa and Nate had agreed to spring a trap once they had the totem, but she lied. Nate is left to Damien and Nora.

In 2231, the real Ava appears to verbally accost Sara, Ray, and Gary for stealing the mother ship and coming to 2231 when she sees herself being made. She promptly passed out. So Ava had no idea who she really is. When she comes to, they have to figure out a way back to the mother ship, but they are met by an Ava army. The real Ava questions everything about herself, saying her whole existence is a lie. Sara gives one of her pep-talks, telling Ava that she is more than just a clone. The two then join forces to take on the Ava clones. Back aboard the Waverider, Ava wonders why she has no memory of 2231. Sara asks who recruited her to the Time Bureau and she says Rip. He’s gonna be in serious trouble when Sara and Ava get hold of him.

Image: The CW

Kuasa returns to totem to Amaya, who is glad to have it back. Wally asks where Nate is and that’s when Amaya is told the full scope of the plan. Kuasa says that Nate threatens her existence, so she left him behind. Amaya is furious with her and Nate. She and Wally go to Nate’s rescue where he is about to be killed by Nora. Wally speeds to Nate’s side, but Nora steals his speed from him, then shoots it back as lightning. Amaya uses her totem, but it has been infected by Mallus, which is why Nora gave it up. Amaya fights back against the darkness in her totem and is able to overcome it. She and Nora engage in a fight while Kuasa arrives to free Nate. The four then confront Nora, but she is too powerful. Nora uses her choke hold on Kuasa, forcing her to become water, then rips the Water Totem from her chest. Kuasa dies in Amaya’s arms. The three leave and Nate blames himself for Kuasa’s death. Amaya says that it’s her fault, not his. She never should have left the JSA to become a Legend. In the final moments of the episode, Amaya steals the jump ship and heads for Zambesi 1992 so she can save her granddaughters.

There was a lot going on in this weeks episode from the revelations about Ava, Kussa’s death, and Zari trying to teach Mick how to use the Fire Totem. One interesting point is that Damien realizes the error of his ways. He and Nate end up having a therapy session while he’s supposed to be torturing him. Damien wanted to reinvent the world, but now he’s going to lose the only person he cares about in order to achieve that. This could end up helping the Legends in their fight against Mallus. Zari and Mick butt heads while training, but in the end, they have a better understanding of one another. Mick is still a bit rude to her and her beliefs, but he could be much worse. The Legends now have five totems in their possession. I’m thinking that Nate is going to end up bearing the Earth Totem before this is all over. And Sara is going to once again wield the Death Totem. I’m really excited to see who bears the Water Totem and then to see all six of them in action. I think we’re in for an awesome season finale.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘Guest Starring John Noble.’

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