‘The Big Bang Theory’: Jerry O’Connell Cast as Sheldon’s Brother

Amy and Sheldon’s wedding is nearing and the whole family is coming!

A member of the Cooper family has been absent for the whole series: Georgie Cooper. We know that Sheldon’s father, George is deceased and we’ve seen Missy, Meemaw, and Mary, but no Georgie.

At PaleyFest, executive producers announced that Georgie will be present for the wedding. They also announced that Jerry O’Connell will be portraying him. Montana Jordan plays Georgie on Young Sheldon.

Amy’s side of the family has been nearly absent as well, aside from a brief video chat with her mother, so there’s potential for them to guest star as well.

Not a whole lot has been said about the episode, except that the wedding will be the season 11 finale. Until then, we have some fun bachelor/ bachelorette parties to look forward to.

The Big Bang Theory airs on Thursday nights on CBS at 8 and Young Sheldon follows at 8:30. 


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