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Daniel LaRusso is Ready to Fight in New ‘Cobra Kai’ Teaser

Another new teaser for the upcoming YouTube Red series Cobra Kai was released earlier this week and this time Daniel LaRusso is ready for a fight back!

In the past trailers, we’ve learned that LaRusso’s mortal enemy Johnny Lawrence has become the new Sensei of the Cobra Kai Dojo.  Johnny’s goal is to preserve and continue teaching the questionable values of Cobra Kai but, he’ll have to get through LaRusso first!

“He thinks he can bring Cobra Kai back to the valley?  Not on my watch,” LaRusso says at the beginning of the teaser.

In another scene shown in the teaser below, Johnny is seen looking worn out, ragged and just plain ol’ down on his luck.  LaRusso is looking crisp, clean and dressed up in a suit.  He and a friend run into Johnny and, well, LaRusso is quick to remind him of their past battles, “This is the guy whose ass you kicked?” the friend asks. LaRusso corrects him by quickly saying, “If you want to get technical, I kicked his face.”

Is LaRusso’s taunting going to get him into trouble with Cobra Kai?  Has he now become the bully in this new installment?  We’ll have to watch the upcoming series to find out!

Ralph Macchio reprises his classic Karate Kid role as Daniel LaRusso.  William Zabka is back at everyone’s favorite bully Johnny Lawrence in Cobra Kai!  Check out the newest trailer below.

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