‘American Housewife’ Season 2 Episode 17 ‘All Coupled Up’ Recap


Good Cop or Bad Cop?..that is the question. Greg (Diedrich Bader) who is the family “Good Cop” comes to the master Katie (Katy Mixon) on how to be a “bad cop” and she happily shows the rookie the ropes.  He noticed that Taylor (Meg Donnelly) and her boyfriend Trip (Peyton Meyer) were a little too hands-on in their relationship and decided to put a stop to it but when forbidden fruit is much sweeter anywhere Greg and Katie are not around, the parenting duo has to figure out another plan. Greg decides that the only way to fight fire with fire is making out with Katie in front of the couple and surprise surprise Taylor realizes just how uncomfortable PDA can be.

Meanwhile, Oliver (Daniel DiMaggio) decides that he needed to be more like his family and less like a…Well as his mom said a “tool” because of his new relationship with Gina (Nikki Hahn). However, when his two lives collide, and he must choose between his down to earth girlfriend or his rich and fellow “tool” of a best friend Cooper (Logan Pepper). For once Oliver made an “Otto-Like” decision and chooses Gina. Katie decides she must show Cooper how to be less like “the worst person in the world” and to help Oliver keep his best friend AND his new love interest.

Not to be left out of the lover’s loop Anna-Kat (Julia Butters) proclaims her friend Franklin (Evan O’Toole) as her boyfriend and they had this beautiful new relationship. The bad news was that Franklin did not know he was a boyfriend and what a relationship even was. So poor Anna-Kat has her first love and first break-up all in a couple of days…..awe to be young and in love……