WATCH: Stan Lee sends Heartwarming Message to Fans in Viral Video


If there is one man who has truly shaped the comic book universe and made all of our childhood heroes come to life, it is Stan Lee. Stan has not only inspired an entire fandom, but he has also brought incredible meaning to the actors and actresses’ who portrayed his comic book heroes on the big screen.

After a late night screening of Black Panther, Stan Lee was taken to the hospital after experiencing a shortness of breath and an irregular heartbeat. After receiving this news, fans of the Marvel Co-Creator tweeted their thoughts and and best wishes to him, letting Lee know that he was in their thoughts.

Recently, Stan Lee himself sent in a video released to TMZ letting everyone know that he is okay and that he is just fighting a ’bout of pneumonia’.

Check out this truly touching video:


Am I the only one whose heart melted when he started off with ‘Hiya Heroes’?

It is so touching to hear a man as wonderful as Stan Lee sending out such an incredibly touching message to all of his fans. No matter what the case, Stan always puts the fans first.

We would like to send all of our thoughts, prayers and hugs to this wonderful man. Get well soon, Stan! <3

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