New Unicorn Marshmallows added to our Lucky Charms!

Lucky Charms

When it’s that kind of Monday, and you need some excellent news to make a bad day go away. Well, it’s this kind of Monday, and we have some terrific news for you!

A few weeks ago, they announced they would be saying goodbye to the hourglass marshmallow. Of course, there needed to be something in the place of the hourglass marshmallows. The official Lucky Charms Twitter page asked their followers to vote for a new marshmallow with just one emoji.


And of course, with the power of social media, a new marshmallow has been born! Meet the unicorn marshmallow in our favorite cereal!


The unicorn marshmallow is already making its appearance in the original and the chocolate Lucky Charms boxes. Who is going to buy a box of Lucky Charms?! Let us know in the comment below!