‘Black Panther’ Becomes Most Tweeted About Film of 2018


We’re just days away from the big debut of Marvel’s Black Panther and some news broke today about the anticipation of the film and its impact on social media.

With more than 5 million tweets so far, Black Panther is officially the most tweeted about film of 2018.  Now we’re only a month and a half into the new year, but Black Panther even tops Avengers: Infinity War which is hailed as one of the most anticipated movies, ever.

The film has already broken records and it’s not even in theaters yet, but we’re not surprised. With an all-star cast and one of the most incredible stories of a man becoming the hero he was always destined to be, it’s sure to be a success.

While you check the #BlackPanther hashtag, be sure to check out the individual tweets from some of the stars with their own emojis, just in time for the film premiere.

Black Panther hits theaters this Friday, February 16th.

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