Amazon Renews ‘Bosch’ for Fifth Season


The premiere of Bosch‘s fourth season is just around the corner, and if that isn’t enough for Bosch fans, the series was just signed for a fifth!

The show’s Titus Welliver made the announcement on his Twitter Tuesday after reminding fans about the impending season 4 premiere.

Most importantly, I’m really happy to announce that Bosch Season 5 has been greenlit, and will go into production this summer.

Bosch, Amazon’s current longest-running drama is coming back with a familiar face! Eric Overmyer, who exited the show after season 3 to work on a different Amazon project, The Man in High Castle, is returning.

He’ll be back on, this time as co-showrunner with Daniel Pyne who had taken over for him for season 4.

Bosch is based on the best-selling Michael Connelly novels sorrounding a Homicide Detective and Chief Department.

It has risen to become one of Amazon’s top series since it first aired in 2014.

Sharon Tal Tguado had this to say to Deadline after the announcement:

“As Amazon Prime Video’s longest-running one-hour series, Bosch has long been a cornerstone of our scripted programming, and Prime members consistently clamor for more. We are excited to give them another season with Harry Bosch, Jerry Edgar, Grace Billets and the rest of the diverse characters that make up the Bosch universe.”


Check out the season 4 trailer below!

Season 4 of Bosch premieres April 13th on Amazon.


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