Seal Predicts the Winner of Super Bowl LII

The Hour

A seal has predicted the winner of Sunday’s big game.

Every year for the past 6 years, one lucky Harbor Seal at the Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk Connecticut takes his pick, and we aren’t talking his pick from the fish bucket.

Orange, the 35-year old Harbor seal swam up to her tank window, where stickers of a Patriots helmet and Eagles helmet were placed. Her job is to push her nose against the winner.

“It’s become a thing, It’s a lot of fun to see who she’s going to pick.” said Norwalk Aquarist Ellen Riker.

This year, Orange picked the Eagles helmet.

We are wondering why we’d ever doubt a seal’s wisdom.

But then again, over the years, she has been 1 for 6. She has only correctly predicted one Superbowl, which was last year’s. She placed her nose on the Patriots helmet. This year she wasn’t feeling the Brady spirit.

Whatever happens Sunday, we’ll be thinking of Orange.

The seal has spoken.

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